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You will find here a few other retail amplifier simulators that I will introduce only briefly because I don't owe them and I can't test them. Yet, it's important to mention these products for those of you who might be interested in buying them.

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Guitar Rig - Revalver - Vandal - Studio Devil

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Guitar Rig (web site)

Guitar Rig is a good product, but it emulates so many things that you get kind of lost when using it. You want to try everything, mix effects, amps, microphones and in the end, you spend more time tweking stuff than actually playing. And you have so much choice that you can wonder how loyal the sound is when compared to the original gear. Yet, the results can be excellent and Guitar Rig is very thorough. Sound purists may prefer more specialized simulators, with less choice but higher fidelity.

Native Instruments Guitar Rig

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Revalver (web site)

Currently in version 4 released in late summer 2014, Peavey amplifiers are of course put forward in this software and are given their real names: 6505, 6505+, Classic 30, JSX, Triple XXX, Valveking.

You will also find other amps bearing names that remind gear from Marshall or Vox, amongst others...

The general quality of the product is excellent and you will find a large choice of stomp boxes, effects and tools.

Peavey Revalver 4

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Magix Vandal (web site)

Not as famous as Guitar Rig or Amplitube and yet pretty good.

Magix Vandal

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Studio Devil (web site)

For some time now, this brand has been offering a free amp sim called British Valve Custom, but it also sells other commercial plugins: amp sims for guitar and bass, as well as a software tube preamp.

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp II

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04/16/2019, 06h56

Just wanted to thank you for your time organizing this. It took me days to compile all of these in the past! I am switching to a new workstation. This will be very handy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You're welcome. I'm sorry to say that I don't have much time anymore to update my website, and some information are getting a bit old. Some day, I'll make new tutorials about mixing a song, with better techniques than currently available at the moment, but they're still valid to some extent. Thanks for your support!

01/31/2019, 23h24

Dude, thanks a lot for this tutorial. It really helped me a lot. God bless you!

12/02/2018, 19h53

Sur le "jcm 800 mercurial", quelle différence entre la 12ax7eh et la 12ax7rsd ?
Je trouve la rsd plus "grasse" et plus disto, votre avis ?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Effectivement, comme ça simule 2 variantes d'une lampe 12ax7, le son change un peu entre les deux, ce qui permet d'étendre les possibilités du simulateur.
La RSD est un peu plus pêchue et un peu plus brillante, alors que la EH met plus les basses en avant.
À choisir en fonction de ce qu'on cherche comme type de son.

08/07/2018, 21h58

Salut !
Tout d'abord UN GRAND MERCI pour ton site et tes plugins. Sincèrement, c'est top !
Je suis sur Mac : j'ai téléchargé ignite_amps_nadir_1_0_2_mac et les amp Mac AU.
Bien mis dans le répertoire de mes plugins et components et aucun n'apparaît dans Logic Pro X ?
Quelqu'un sait pourquoi ?
Merci pour l'aide

06/27/2018, 12h50

Hi, I just stumbled on your website. Very impressed I must say. I'm planning to buy TSE X50 also. I'm currently owning a squire Strat and was wondering how I would get a warm jazz tone out of the guitar. Any idea what settings on the TSE X50 could work ? A tone like here :


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